Transportation Planning

Transportation Impact Study Guidelines

    • The Transportation Division is responsible for reviewing proposed development within the City to ensure new development will not cause adverse effects on the transportation circulation system for all users (pedestrians, bicyclists, transit passengers, and motorists). As part of this responsibility, the City has developed Transportation Impact Study Guidelines to provide a consistent framework for how transportation studies for new developments are to be conducted. These guidelines also establish metrics and thresholds for assessing when a project causes a detrimental effect on local circulation and when a project results in significant impacts on the environment. A link to the Transportation Impact Study Guidelines is provided below.
      Transportation Impact Analysis Guidelines

Vehicle Miles Traveled Screening Maps

    • With the passing of Senate Bill 743, transportations effect on the environment is quantified by assessing how a proposed project effects regional vehicle miles traveled (VMT). To assist in streamlining California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) review, developments proposed in a low VMT area can generally be screened out of a detail environmental study assuming the proposed land use is consistent with neighboring uses. The screening maps below show where residential and office projects are likely to be screened out of a detailed VMT assessment to pass CEQA review. While these maps show locations likely to screen out of a detailed VMT analysis, the Transportation Impact Analysis Guidelines and City staff should be consulted to verify whether a project screens out and address any potential non-CEQA analysis needs.

Eastern Dublin Traffic Impact Fees

  • On December 21, 2021, the City Council approved the revisions to the Traffic Impact Fee within the Eastern Dublin Area, renaming the program to the Eastern Dublin Transportation Impact Fee to account for changes pursuant to the City’s most recent General Plan, the Eastern Dublin Specific Plan, the 2014 Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan and Complete Streets Policy, and more current information about proposed developments in the eastern Dublin area.
  • The funds generated by the program have been used to construct several improvements to transportation infrastructure in the affected area. 

Eastern Dublin TIF Final Report

Exhibit C to Resolution