Tassajara Road Arterial Management Project

Tassajara Road Arterial Management Project Map

Project Completion: Summer 2022

Estimated Project Cost: $183,000 (Grant Funded)

This project will include a traffic signal timing analysis, upgraded equipment, and the development and implementation of signal coordination plans during the morning, midday, and afternoon peak travel periods for the 11 signals along Tassajara Road/Santa Rita corridor.

The improved operations and maintenance capabilities offered by the use of more modern traffic signal controller will assist in reducing travel time along the corridor and enhanced safety. Through the signal retiming, the project will reassess clearance time to accommodate bicycles and pedestrian activities at the intersections and enhance safety for pedestrians crossing the intersections.

No lane closures are anticipated in order to complete this project.

The Tassajara Road Arterial Management Project is fully funded by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District's Transportation Fund for Clean Air.