Recently Completed Projects

Dublin Boulevard Pavement Rehabilitation

Dublin Boulevard, from Scarlett Court to Hacienda Drive, underwent pavement repairs in Fall/Winter 2022-23.  

Dublin Blvd. rehabilitation project 2022-23

Positano Parkway Pavement Repairs

Positano Parkway, between Fallon Road and La Strada Drive, underwent pavement repairs and maintenance in late July and early August 2022.  The pavement work included the sealing of existing cracks, pavement repairs, new slurry seal, and pavement markings.


Before                                                             After

Dublin Boulevard Widening Project

Dublin Boulevard Widening Project Before Construction Dublin Boulevard Widening Project After Construction

This two-phased infrastructure project focused on both utility and transportation improvements along Dublin Boulevard.

The first phase involved moving a sewer lift station operated by the Dublin San Ramon Services District, along with moving overhead utility lines underground. Completion of phase one concluded in June 2018.

Phase was finished in April 2020, wherein crews widened the roadway to accommodate a third vehicle lane in the westbound direction as well as bike lanes on both sides of the road. The project also created the following improvements:

  • New sidewalks and ADA-compliant curb ramps
  • A pedestrian bridge over the drainage channel east of Dublin Sports Grounds
  • Resurfacing of the Dublin Sports Grounds parking lot
  • Modifications to median islands
  • Traffic signal system upgrades
  • Converting the previous potable water irrigation system to a new, more sustainable recycled water system
  • A landscaped bioretention treatment area

Phase two was completed in April 2020. Funding for the Dublin Boulevard Widening Project was provided in part by a $3 million Measure BB grant from the Alameda County Transportation Commission.

Dougherty Road Improvements Project

Doughtery Road Pre-Construction Looking North at Fall Creek Road Doughtery Road Construction Progress Looking North at Fall Creek RoadDoughtery Road Construction Progress Looking North at Fall Creek Road

In January 2019, the City of Dublin completed the Dougherty Road Improvements Project, a highly anticipated infrastructure expansion that had been in the works since the City’s 1985 General Plan adoption. The corridor is one of Dublin’s most highly utilized roads, accommodating more than 32,000 vehicle trips per day.

The project provided for the widening of Dougherty Road from four lanes to six between Sierra Lane and the northern City limits, along with corresponding traffic signal modifications. Corridor improvements also included the following:

  • Installation of new Class II bike lanes
  • 1.4 miles of bike/pedestrian pathway improvements
  • Landscaped median islands
  • Storm drainage improvements
  • New curbs, gutters, sidewalks and curb ramps
  • Three new illuminated bus stops
  • Bioretention areas and landscaping along the easterly side of the roadway
  • A complete asphalt overlay with new pavement markings between Dublin Boulevard and the northern City limit
  • An expansion of the City’s fiber optic network to the five intersections to facilitate implementation of an adaptive traffic signal timing system, reducing travel times on Dougherty Road

These improvements to Dougherty Road have reduced roadway congestion and improved BART station accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists. The project was made possible in large part by Measure B and Measure BB grants totaling nearly $17.5 million from the Alameda County Transportation Commission.

Tassajara Road/Camino Tassajara Culvert Replacement Project

Tassajara Road Culvert Replacement Construction (May 2016)Tassajara Road Culvert Replacement Construction (June 2016)Tassajara Road Culvert Replacement Construction (July 2016)Tassajara Road Culvert Replacement Construction (August 2016)

An extended road closure was necessary to replace a failing culvert which runs under Tassajara Road. The aging nine-foot diameter culvert was replaced with an 18-foot diameter culvert, that is over 400 feet long. The increased size allows a more stable flow of water, stopped the  deterioration underneath the roadway, and lessens the possibility of emergency road closures in the future. The widening of the road  provides greater safety for motorists traveling along that section of Tassajara Road linking Contra Costa and Alameda Counties.