Transportation Planning

As Dublin embarks on multiple road and infrastructure improvement projects over the next few years, our goal is to keep our residents and visitors informed of what projects are happening, where they are located, how these projects impact you and the future of our community, and what you can expect during construction.

Dublin Boulevard Construction Projects

There are three projects associated with the planned improvements to widen Dublin Boulevard which will impact Dublin residents and commuters.  The section of Dublin Boulevard westbound from Dublin Court to Sierra Court/Civic Plaza is subject to congestion due to the narrow width of the road, and the merging of vehicles from three to two lanes.  In addition, this section of Dublin Boulevard is the final segment of the roadway that had above-ground utilities, which were moved underground during this project. Ultimately, the widening of the road will improve traffic flow along Dublin Boulevard, as well as the appearance of the streetscape.

For more information, please visit the Dublin Boulevard Construction Projects webpage.
Road Work sign

2019 Annual Slurry Seal Project

The City of Dublin has contracted with American Asphalt Repair and Resurfacing Co., Inc., for pavement maintenance work in some neighborhoods west of Village Parkway.  The work will take place beginning in June 2019, with anticipated completion of the majority of the improvements by the beginning of September 2019.  The pavement work will include the sealing of existing cracks, pavement repairs, new slurry seal, and pavement markings.  

For details on the project, and a map of the project area, visit the 2019 Annual Slurry Seal Project webpage.

Iron Horse Parkway Roadwork

Beginning in mid-June, construction on Iron Horse Parkway will result in the permanent removal of on-street parking on the east side of Iron Horse Parkway, between Esprit Way and Dublin Boulevard.  As part of the environmental review and approval for the Boulevard Development project, a traffic study determined that an additional northbound lane is needed on Iron Horse Parkway. 

To accommodate the additional northbound lane, the construction will permanently remove 10 on-street parking spaces; remove two on-street planters with trees; and reconfigure the curb and sidewalk at the intersection of Dublin Boulevard. Please view Exhibit “A,” showing both the existing and new street designs.

Construction is scheduled to begin in mid-June and on-street parking will be prohibited beginning June 17, 2019.  Notices will be posted on the street the week of June 10, 2019.

If you have any questions about this notice, please contact Dublin Public Works at (925) 833-6630.  For questions regarding the Boulevard Development project construction, you may contact the developer, Dublin Crossing LLC, care of Zeke Velasquez, Project Site Manager, at (707) 689-4378.

Recently Completed Road Improvement Projects:

The City of Dublin thanks you for your patience as we work to maintain and improve the quality and safety of our roads. For more information on any of the roadwork projects, please call the Public Works Department at 925-833-6630.