Customer Service & Assistance

Customer Service Policy Statement
The City of Dublin is continually striving to enhance the service we provide to our customers. Our City organization is committed to creating a challenging and rewarding environment in which all employees who represent the City are motivated to respond to the needs of our customers.

Points of Pride
In setting high standards for ourselves, we take pride in:
  • Being a responsive and proactive City team in touch with the changing needs and expectations of the Dublin community.
  • Providing the highest level of quality service in all City programs and activities.
  • Promoting a can-do attitude using common sense along with technical / professional knowledge.
  • Fostering an open and honest government. Openness promotes competence because it exposes our ideas to review and critique; openness reflects our commitment to service.
  • Being committed to high professional standards.  A professional attitude encourages an objective approach to analyses of issues.
  • Providing information and resources to our customers in a friendly and helpful manner.
Who to Call for Assistance
Related Topics Who to Contact
Annexations, subdivisions, parcel maps, lot line adjustments, certificates of compliance, and mergers Planning Division
Ph: 925-833-6610
City transportation plan and traffic forecasts or transportation review of planning referrals Public Works
Ph: 925-833-6630
Demographic research, the City's General Plan, the Neighborhood Planning Program, specific plans, and special projects Planning Division
Ph: 925-833-6610
Development of affordable housing Planning Division
Ph: 925-833-6610
Flood zone mapping, engineering design, and grading permits Public Works
Ph: 925-833-6630
Hazardous materials plan checks and inspections Fire Prevention Bureau
Ph: 925-833-6606
Industrial and commercial discharges to the sanitary sewer system, pollutant discharges to the stormwater collection system, etc. Dublin San Ramon Services District (DSRSD)
Ph: 925-828-0515
Inspection of public improvements in private developments, including underground utilities, reservoirs, pump stations, traffic signals, street lighting, retaining walls, and streets Building Division
Ph: 925-833-6620
Landscape design and review of public / private projects Public Works
Ph: 925-833-6630
Plan checking and construction inspection Building Division
Ph: 925-833-6620
Review of development applications Planning Division
Ph: 925-833-6610
Water and the water system, installation of water hookups for new development, etc. Zone 7 Water Agency
Ph: 925-454-5000
Zone changes, use permits, variances, site plan reviews, sign permits, environmental analysis, development regulations, and processing Planning Division
Ph: 925-833-6610