Dublin City Historian

About our Historian

In June 2012, Georgean Vonheeder-Leopold was appointed to her third term as City Historian. The City Historian is a resource to Staff, the Commission, and the City Council, and assists researchers, students, librarians, members of the public, and the press, and directs them to resources for historical information.

Georgean moved to Dublin in 1971, and has served as a Dublin City Council Member and a Board Member of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce and the Dublin San Ramon Services District.  Her involvement in local arts and heritage programs has included representation on the Dublin Fine Arts Foundation Board, Dublin Heritage and Cultural Arts Commission, and Dublin Historical Preservation Association Board.

Georgean has been instrumental in preserving and documenting the City’s heritage. As City Historian, Georgean looks forward to being a resource to the public on historic information, collecting and documenting local archives and oral histories from founding fathers, and further defining the historian role for the future.

Contact Us

For additional questions, please feel free to contact Georgean Vonheeder-Leopold at 925-452-2100.

Georgean Vonheeder-Leopold City Historian