Pioneer Cemetery

​Pioneer Cemetery

  • When Old St. Raymond's Church was being built, a 25-year-old Irish immigrant named Tom Donlon was working on the roof when he fell to his death. His burial marked the establishment of Dublin Pioneer Cemetery.
  • The cemetery contains over 450 grave sites. It is still an active cemetery.
  • One of the oldest oak trees in Dublin fell during a storm in January 2017. The tree was so large that it fell across eight plots and damaged many headstones, including Jeremiah Fallon’s.
  • Much of the plants that are in the cemetery were used symbolically. The large weeping willows that are there represent loss and the mourning families.
  • The main pathway that leads down the middle of the cemetery is known as Hawthorn Way, because it is lined with Hawthorn trees. In Irish/Celtic mythology, it is one of the most sacred trees and symbolizes love and protection. It was also believed to be inhabited by fairies or guardians of the afterlife.  It is a significant detail to the park, as the church and cemetery were established by Irish Catholic families.
  • Dublin Cemetery is the resting place of many of the pioneering families of the area, such as the  Fallon, Murray, Donlon, Dougherty, Kolb, Muller, Glass, Dobbel, and Tehan families.  A few families in the cemetery were also part of the infamous Donner Party expedition.