Sign Standards

The community has adopted sign standards that provide businesses in the commercial and industrial areas of the City with the opportunity to advertise their business, as well as special promotions or events, while maintaining the attractiveness of the community. The City of Dublin Zoning Ordinance (Chapter 8.84 - Sign Regulations) includes standards regarding the size, placement, and number of permanent and temporary signs that can be displayed by a business. Some larger centers also have additional sign regulations in the form of a Master Sign Program. Please refer to the Sign Regulations and check with the Planning Division for the applicable requirements.
 Permanent Signs

Prior to fabricating and installing your sign(s), you will need to obtain a Zoning Clearance from the Planning Division.  Please consult with a Planner regarding sign standards that apply to your permanent signs. Please also consult with the Building Division as certain permanent signs require a building permit.

What is a Temporary Sign?

A Temporary Sign includes banners, flags, balloons (greater than 15 inches in diameter), searchlights, and similar advertising devices. A Temporary Sign advertises sales, special prices, grand openings, new products or services, special events, now hiring, and seasonal, holiday or community events.  Apartment communities may also display a Temporary Sign to advertise special promotional events or promotional needs, such as Now Leasing, For Lease, For Rent, Apartment Available, Move in Specials, etc. Signs must be professionally designed and fabricated by design professionals, and have a professional appearance.  Banners must be composed of lightweight, flexible material, but may have a rigid frame. Balloons must be tethered to the ground with the bottom of the balloon on the ground and are not permitted to be attached to any structure or vehicle.  All signs must be constructed of durable, all-weather materials, and be maintained in good condition throughout the display.

How Long Can I Display My Temporary Sign?

  • Banners: A banner may be displayed for up to 21 consecutive days. After 21 days, the banner must be removed for at least 42 days before a new Zoning Clearance can be obtained. Temporary Promotional Banners can be up to 60 square feet in size.
  • Balloons/Searchlights: A balloon or searchlight may be displayed for a total of 21 days each calendar year. Each balloon or searchlight counts as one day against the allowed 21 days per calendar year (i.e., two balloons/searchlights displayed for four days = eight days used.)
  • Apartment Community Banner: Apartment communities are allowed to display one Apartment Community Banner for 10 consecutive days. After 10 days, the banner must be removed for at least 20 days before a new Zoning Clearance can be obtained.  Apartment Community Banners are limited to a cumulative display of 90 days per calendar year. The banner can be up to 12 square feet in size.

Do I need a permit for a Temporary Sign? Yes, a Zoning Clearance from the Planning Division is required for the display of temporary banners, balloons, and searchlights. The permit process is simple. To apply for a permit:

  1. Complete the appropriate Sign Application form for the desired sign;
  2. Provide a site plan and/or photograph, where applicable; and
  3. Submit these materials with the application fee to the Community Development Department, Planning Division.