Tips for starting a business

Here Are Some Tips for Starting Your Business
If you are considering starting a new business, please contact the City’s Economic Development staff at 925-833-6650 to learn about available educational resources, including site selection assistance.
  • If you have an existing business and are seeking a site in Dublin, please contact the City’s Planning Division at 925-833-6610 or access a resource on picking the right location, to determine if the use is allowed and, if yes, what process you will need to go through. You can also contact Economic Development staff at 925-833-6650 to learn more about available space options in Dublin.
  • Make sure that your prospective landlord understands how you will be using the space and your hours of operation. Advice: Do not sign a lease until you have a zoning clearance or permit approval by the City.
  • Consider the level of tenant improvements that may be needed. In some cases, older industrial buildings will require significant building upgrades to accommodate your business (disabled access improvements, fire sprinklers, or HVAC system additions/improvements). Before signing a lease, please talk with the Building Division staff regarding what may be required.
  • Research and understand fees that will be assessed for your use. Economic Development Staff can assist you with an estimate for City fees. In addition, based on your location and use, Dublin San Ramon Service District (DSRSD) may require water and sewer fees for your business. These fees can be substantial, so it is important to factor these costs into your project before signing a lease.
  • Due to construction realities, please prepare for the project to take longer and cost more than expected. While the City strives to make the process simple, each and every request has its own unique set of circumstances that may require additional evaluation and related costs.
  • When in doubt, contact the City’s Economic Development Department and Planning Division for direction and guidance on the approval process.