Street Repairs

Pavement Management Program
The City has a substantial overall investment in its street pavement. As a result, the City has annual programs to maintain good pavement conditions. Street maintenance consists of the following:
  • Preventive Maintenance (Slurry Seal) - Damaged sections of the roadway are repaired and a protective seal is placed on top of the roadway in order to protect the existing asphalt. This maintenance prolongs the life of the roadway.
  • Repaving (Street Overlay) - Removal of the top parts of the street and placing new asphalt on the street surface.
Parking Prohibited During Projects
During a street maintenance project, parking on the specified street is prohibited while street maintenance takes place. Additionally, some driveways may be inaccessible during the repair portion of the work. Signs will be posted 72 hours before the street maintenance is scheduled to begin. The time and date of scheduled street maintenance will be communicated to home and business owners affected by the street maintenance.

Repair Scheduling
Arterial roads receive slurry seal every five to eight years, while residential streets receive slurry seal every six to 10 years. The more substantial street overlay takes place every 15-20 years.

Program Funding
Your Transportation Tax Dollars Support the annual overlay program administered by Alameda County Transportation Commission (Alameda CTC). The sidewalk repair program is funded on an annual basis with the approval of the City Council.

Contact Us
If you have any questions regarding pavement maintenance, please contact the Public Works at 925-833-6630.