Parks and Community Services


Dublin Civic Center 

100 Civic Plaza
Dublin, CA 94568


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Dwyer, Jackie Parks and Community Services Director 925-556-4500  
Amaya, Bridget Assistant Director of Parks & Community Services 925-556-4500  
Bonato, Kim Senior Office Assistant 925-556-4502  
Chilkotowsky, Shaun Heritage and Cultural Arts Manager 925-556-4565  
Hogue, Elisabeth Senior Office Assistant 925-452-2199  
Marriott, Lauren Recreation Coordinator 925-556-4508  
Mendez, Jennifer Management Analyst I 925-556-4528  
Perry, Shelby Recreation Coordinator 925-556-4509  
Phillips, Tyler Recreation Supervisor 925-556-4558  

Heritage Park and Museums 

6600 Donlon Way
Dublin, CA 94568


Senior Center 

7600 Amador Valley Blvd.
Dublin, CA 94568


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Li Marzi, Jennifer Recreation Technician 925-556-4513  
Siu, Henry Recreation Coordinator 925-556-4512  

Shannon Community Center 

11600 Shannon Avenue
Dublin, CA 94568


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Calvo, Anthony Recreation Supervisor 925-556-4548  
Cook, Tommy Recreation Coordinator 925-556-4531  
Reddy, Shalini Senior Office Assistant 925-556-4503  
Spiller, Brian Recreation Coordinator 925-452-2163  
Taylor, Yvonne Facilities Coordinator 925-556-4506  
Wanzenried, Nicki Recreation Coordinator 925-556-4507  
SanPedro, Ivan Recreation Supervisor 925-556-4504  

The Wave at Emerald Glen Park 

4201 Central Parkway
Dublin, CA 94568

Dublin, CA 94568


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Stene, Dustin Recreation Supervisor 925-574-4827  
Coffee, Kevin Recreation Coordinator 925-574-4816  
Au, Monette Senior Office Assistant 925-574-4818  
Olson, Brad Management Analyst II 925-556-4575  
Rivera, Liz Senior Office Assistant 925-574-4826  
Wood, Taralyn Recreation Coordinator 925-574-4817