Parent Participation

The City of Dublin Preschool program welcomes and encourages parent involvement!

Having our parents in the classroom:

  • Provides a special opportunity for you to be directly involved in your child's preschool experience.
  • This adds to the nurturing and individual attention we can offer students.
  • Helps provide additional supervision allowing scheduled activities to stay on track.
  • Keeps our staffing overhead to a minimum which greatly reduces our program pricing structure.
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Participation Requirements

  • 2 days per week students:
    • Parents are asked to volunteer a minimum of two times per session.
  • 3 days per week students:
    • Parents are asked to volunteer a minimum of three times per session.
  • 4 days per week students:
    • Parents are asked to volunteer a minimum of four times per session.

Our program's success depends on your participation!  

Parents Participating More Than Required

Parents electing to work more than the minimum class times are greatly appreciated and highly encouraged.

Parent Volunteer Duties & Responsibilities

Parent helpers are responsible for aiding with class material preparation such as tracing, cutting out patterns, etc., and/or many in-classroom activities. Daily duties will be presented on the volunteer day scheduled. We have a lot of fun and many "not so neat" activities. Some things to keep in mind when you are helping in the classroom include:

  • Love abundantly
  • Discipline constructively
  • Model right from wrong
  • Develop mutual respect
  • Listen
  • Use a quiet, confident voice
  • Foster independence
  • Be realistic; expect to make mistakes
  • Whenever possible, bend down to their level when communicating with children
  • Encourage independence in taking care of themselves, their actions, and their play
  • Sit down with the children whenever possible
  • Recognize and reinforce positive play
  • Stay calm and reassuring about accidents
  • It is very important that you never leave a child alone
  • As conscientious adults, we should never place ourselves alone with a student
  • Your most important duty is to join in, have fun, and enjoy your time with us!

Live Scan and Background Clearances

We look forward to having your family participate in the Dublin Preschool Program.  Our program is a parent-participation preschool, which asks parents to volunteer in the classroom.  Volunteering is paramount to our success as it maintains a low ratio of students to instructors.  Parent participation also helps manage costs which, in turn, keeps our fees low.

In order to ensure complete safety in our classrooms, parents who elect to work in the classroom are required to register as City of Dublin volunteers by submitting the appropriate volunteer application, and supplemental questionnaire, and by submitting their fingerprints to Dublin Police Services for a California Department of Justice background check.  Background clearance from the Department of Justice must be obtained by the City of Dublin before approval will be given for the parent to participate in the classroom as required.  For volunteers who have lived outside of California, the City will also conduct an FBI background check.

In order to complete the volunteer registration process you will need to do the following:

  1. Complete the Request for Live Scan fingerprinting form. You will find this form under Student File Documentation in the preschool tabs.
  2. Live Scan fingerprinting is done by appointment only.  Please call the City of Dublin Police Services at 925-833-6670 to schedule your appointment. Schedule an appointment as soon as possible. 
    City of Dublin Police Services
    6361 Clark Avenue
    Dublin, CA 94568
  3. Fingerprinting must be completed at least two weeks prior to your first scheduled shift in the classroom. However, we recommend completing the process as soon as possible.

We appreciate your cooperation with these procedures. Please contact the Recreation Supervisor if you have further questions.

Upon receiving your Live Scan clearance from your teacher, the sign-up calendars for parent participation are available daily in each classroom on the parent board.  It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure they sign up and participate as required. Parents may substitute help by using other family members (i.e., grandparents, aunts, uncles) or other parents.

Note: All adult participants must be fingerprinted and have a federal background check clearance prior to participating in the classroom.

This service is provided at no charge by the City of Dublin Police Department.  Appointments must be made in advance for this service.  Live Scan files will remain open only while the adult is currently active in our program.  Once a student is withdrawn, all pertaining to Live Scan and background information will be closed.