People of the Parks (P.O.P.) Program

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P.O.P. Program (Litter Assistance)

Looking for a way to give back to your community? Look no further! Welcome to the People of the Parks Program (P.O.P.), an exciting NEW initiative in the City of Dublin that aims to foster community engagement and environmental stewardship. In this new volunteer program, we invite ALL residents, businesses, organizations, and visitors alike to join us in keeping our city clean and green. By participating in this incentivized program, you not only contribute to the well-being of our parks and trails but also earn rewards for your efforts. Who doesn't like prizes?


People of the Parks has two components: Individuals and Families, or Businesses and Organizationsfor participants to consider prior to registering.

Option 1: Individual and Family Registration

This option is for individuals and families who are interested in a self-tracking component with no required hours or initiatives. You decide when and where you would like to assist and track your hours on the provided form for a chance to win prizes in the quarterly drawing. The more hours you contribute, the greater your chances of receiving one of our amazing prizes, which include City and program-branded gifts; gift cards to local businesses; free or reduced passes to The Wave; free or reduced passes to other city programs such as the Shamrock 5K; and much more! 

Option 2: Business and Organization Registration

This option is for businesses and organizations who are interested in ADOPTING a specific park or trail. This component is a year-long commitment with monthly requirements of at least 16 hours and must be tracked on the provided form. Groups who remain in good standing will receive citywide recognition, as well as branded signage at their specific location. This sign recognizes your group as the ADOPTER of this location and will remain up during the duration of your commitment. 

P.O.P Participants
Creek Cleanup team


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Participants will receive a P.O.P. supply kit, which will include litter sticks and a City-branded reusable litter pickup bag. 


Upon registration, all participants in both P.O.P. offerings will receive guided Excel sheets with instructions on tracking and logging hours. You can find examples of our hour tracking logs below:  

Individual and Family Hour Tracking Example

Business, and Organization Hour Tracking Example

Event Highlights: 

  • Volunteer at your own pace and assist in keeping Dublin clean and green.
  • Adopt a specific park or trail and receive recognition citywide.
  • Track all of your hours with our guided Excel spreadsheets for a chance to win amazing prizes.
  • Open to all ages
  • FREE