The Arts


Chalk Art Walk

Yarn Caio Fun

Get in on our giant group sculpture project created with oodles of colorful yarn "noodles"

Passport Portrait

Draw your own passport picture and earn stamps as your travel throughout the festival.


Express yourself with our larger than life "magnetic" poetry set

Kindness Rocks

Join the latest creative craze and brighten a stranger's day by painting rocks with inspiring images and messages that you can hide for others to find in the park or around town


Catch and create handcrafted bubble masterpieces with our bubble making extraordinaire 

Fans of the Pacific

Keep cool at the festival by creating your very own Asian fan


Get ready for the community dance party and create your own set of maracas! Aye-yi-yi! 

Flags of World

Select a world flag to re-create or design your own unique family flag

Carnival Mask

Create a mask filled with feathers to wear while you dance the night away!

Create with Color

Use powdered tempera paint to create a work of art that celebrates love, color and friendship