Improving Your BMR Home

BMR homeowners are welcome to modify their homes as they see fit to satisfy their individual tastes and preferences, improve energy and water efficiency, and maintain their home in good condition. The cost of certain improvements can be credited toward the future resale price of the home, provided that the BMR homeowner completes the steps outlined below. For additional information regarding improvements to BMR units, see Section 4.6.5 of the Guidelines to the Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance Regulations.

BMR Home Improvement Credit Approval Procedure

  1. Notify the City - Submit an explanation of planned improvements as well as a cost estimate to the City through the Home Ownership Portal before you complete the work on your home.
  2. City Review - The City will review the proposed improvement for credit eligibility. Depending on the type and initial cost ($1,000 minimum) of improvement(s) planned, you may be eligible for a credit equal to 100% of the cost or 50% of the cost, or not eligible. The City will send you an approval or denial letter within 30 days of receiving your request.
  3. Complete Improvements and Send Documentation - If approved, complete the work as planned and then submit the following documents to the City (via email or mail):
      a. A copy of the receipt/invoice for all eligible improvements
      b. Proof of payment (such as a canceled check, bank account statement, or credit card statement)
      c. A copy of the building permit (if a permit was required)
      d. Picture(s) of the completed work
  4. City Issues Credit Letter - Once the City receives and reviews the items listed in step 3, the City will send you a letter confirming the dollar value of improvements that will be credited toward the future adjusted sale price of your home (this will be calculated when you want to sell or refinance your home, maximum credit up to 5% of the adjusted resale price).
Always check with the Building Department before undertaking any improvement project(s) to determine if a Building Permit is required. The Building Department can be contacted at 925-833-6620.

For More Information

See our frequently asked questions section for commonly asked housing questions. For further information, contact the Housing Division at 925-833-6610 or submit a question or comment.