Bicycle Patrol Unit

When Does Dublin Use Bicycle Patrols?
Bicycle Patrol Units are often used for routine patrol surveillance around the City of Dublin. Bicycle patrols allow officers to move quickly through heavily populated areas, such as shopping complexes. For this reason they are often utilized at large community events, like parades and festivals, where there are a lot of people in a smaller area.

How are Bicycle Patrols Different from Vehicle Patrols?
Bicycle Patrols are able to access more confined areas and are more difficult to detect than vehicle patrols, making them more flexible than vehicle patrols and easier to use when approaching an individual. Also, bicycle patrols are an efficient and environmentally-friendly way monitor the City's streets.

What Kind of Training Do Bicycle Patrol Officers Receive?
In order to be a member of the Bicycle Patrol Unit, each Dublin Bicycle Patrol Officer must pass a Bicycle Patrol School offered through the Alameda County Sheriff's Office.