Volunteer Recognition Awards

Citizen of the Year, Young Citizen of the Year, and Organization of the Year

Each year, the City of Dublin recognizes a Citizen and Young Citizen (in grades 1 - 12) who have each made significant contributions toward enhancing the quality of life for residents of Dublin during the previous calendar year. Additionally, a non-profit organization that has provided services, which have substantially benefitted the residents of Dublin, is also recognized. 

This year, those judging the entries will be looking at the individual or the organization's accomplishments in the past year, and how they have served the Dublin community; any extraordinary challenges they've faced in performing their service to the community; and support they may have received from the community to provide their service. If an individual or an organization has won the award in the past, they cannot be nominated again for three years following their previous win. If they've been nominated, but have not won the award, they can be nominated again.  Those judging the nominations have no affiliation with any individual, family, business, or group in Dublin.  

Beginning with the 2022 Volunteer Recognition Event, only three finalists from each category (Citizen of the Year; Young Citizen of the Year; and Organization of the Year) were invited on stage at the Volunteer Recognition Event. The winner of Citizen of the Year and Young Citizen of the Year each received $300 for their organization of choice, and the two other finalists will each received $200 for their favorite organization.  The Organization of the Year received $500, while the other two nominated organizations (finalists) received $200.

2022 Volunteer Recognition Event Winners

2023 Nomination Forms - Opening December 1, 2023

The deadline to submit a nomination form is Friday, January 12, 2024, at 5:00 p.m.