Fee Schedule

City of Dublin's Master Fee Schedule

Dublin’s Master Fee Schedule (MFS), is based on the City’s 2018 User Fee Study and Cost Allocation Plan prepared by a consultant, was approved by the City Council in June 2018. The revised MFS provided for the annual adjustment of certain fees using the change in the San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose Consumer Price Index. This document will be updated accordingly and published on an annual basis, and effective each year on July 1.

Please note: Fees and charges for Recreation programs and for Facility Rental and Use are adopted through separate processes, by Commission and the City Council, respectively, and therefore are not included in the MFS. Please contact the Parks and Recreation Department for Recreation and Facility fees.

City of Dublin's Impact Fees

The Fiscal Year 2021-22 Impact Fees adjustments are based on adopted criteria in each of the current Fee Resolutions. The fees addressed in the Impact Fee Schedule are:

  • Affordable Housing In-Lieu Fees - Non-Residential
  • Affordable Housing In-Lieu Fees - Residential
  • Downtown Traffic Impact Fee
  • Dublin Ranch East Side Storm Drain Benefit District
  • Dublin Ranch West Side Storm Drain Benefit District
  • Eastern Dublin Traffic Impact Fees
  • Fire Impact Fees
  • Freeway Interchange Fee
  • Noise Mitigation Fee
  • Public Facility Impact Fees
  • Tri-Valley Transportation Development Fees (TVTD)

Please view the detailed City of Dublin Consolidated Impact Fees Administrative Guideline.