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Emerald Glen Park


  1. Barbecue grills
  2. Baseball diamonds
  3. Basketball courts (lighted)
  4. Cricket Pitch
  5. Drinking fountains
  6. Fields for rent
  7. Picnic area
  8. Picnic tables
  9. Play equipment
  10. Restrooms
  11. Skate park
  12. Soccer fields
  13. Tennis courts (lighted)
  14. Walkways / trails
  15. Water play area (see below)
Current & Future Park Features
Emerald Glen Park is a 48.2-acre park located at Tassajara Road and Central Parkway  The park features the Emerald Glen Recreation and Aquatic Complex ("The Wave"), which features two pools, a waterslide tower, a Splash Zone, and a community room.  Learn more about the Emerald Glen Recreation and Aquatic Complex.

Note: Dogs are permitted on a leash.

Amenity Details

Currently, the park includes the following amenities:
  • Baseball, softball, soccer, and cricket fields
  • Bocce ball courts
  • Group picnic area for 200 (by reservation only - view additional information below)
  • Lighted skateboard park
  • Lighted tennis and basketball courts
  • Playground with water play features
  • Restroom buildings
  • Rose garden
  • Small picnic areas
  • Trail access
  • Water Play Area

Rental Information
Sports Fields
The sports fields at Emerald Glen Park are available for rental by the community. Please view our Sports Fields and Courts page for more information.  The sports fields are closed for maintenance from December 16 through the end of February annually.

Group Picnic Areas
Emerald Glen Park has five picnic areas that are available for reservations.  Reservations can be made by completing the Group Picnic Area Application, or online if no inflatable jump houses or other equipment will be used.

Please Note: Requests to use inflatable jump houses must be approved in advance by completing the Application and are only allowed at Emerald Glen Areas A, B, C.    

Picnic Area Locations

(Picnic Areas Site Map): 
  • Emerald Glen Area A seats 56 and has one BBQ and sink.
  • Emerald Glen Area A seats 48 and has one BBQ and sink.
  • Emerald Glen Area C seats 96 and has two BBQs and two sinks.
  • Emerald Glen Areas A, B, C are adjacent areas and can be rented in combination for seating up to 200.
  • Emerald Glen Area D seats 36 and has five BBQs.
  • Emerald Glen Area E seats 24 and has five BBQs.

Water Play Area
The water play area will be in operation beginning June 15 through the Labor Day weekend, daily from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. 

Art Installation

The park also features public art commissioned by the City of the Dublin. "Divided Sea," by artist Ned Kahn from Sebastopol, California, is a site-specific artwork designed for the water element at the entrance of Emerald Glen Park.
The arched 100-foot-long water feature consists of 60, 9"-wide polished stainless steel plates from which sheets of water emanate. The angle of the mirrored surface reflects the wave patterns from the water surface below.