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Dolan Park


  1. Barbecue Grills
  2. Basketball Courts
  3. Drinking Fountains
  4. Fitness Equipment
  5. Picnic Area
  6. Picnic Tables
  7. Play Equipment
  8. Walkways / Trails

Park Features

Dolan Park is located at Iglesia Drive and Padre Way. The park is situated on 4.9 acres and includes many features, as well as a public art installation.



This park does not have restroom facilities. Dogs are permitted on a leash. All seating/benches are unreservable and available for temporary use.

Art Installation

Dolan Park includes an art installation entitled, "Dreams of Longing After Nothing" (see pictured below). The piece was constructed by artist Bryan Tedrick of Glen Ellen, California.

This wind-driven kinetic sculpture was designed to rotate 360 degrees and tilt 25 degrees from its center axis. The stainless steel supporting pole stands 12 feet high, with a 14-foot-long steel and bronze "arm" rotating in either direction.

Dreams of Longing After Nothing, sculpture on grass