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Dougherty Hills Dog Park

Park Features

Special features of Dougherty Hills Dog Park include:
  • Separate turf dog runs for large and small canines 
  • A doggie drinking fountain
  • Bench seating
  • Public art works


There are no public restroom facilities at the park.

Art Installations

In 2020, "Dog of Dublin", an art installation piece by Tellart Studios, located in Berkeley, and lead artist Emily Leighton was installed. 

"Dogs of Dublin" is a series of brightly colored silhouettes of dogs, following an ombre pattern inspired by the colors seen at dusk over the park's nearby hills. 80 silhouettes line almost 500 feet of fence line along Amador Valley Blvd.

These silhouettes were created from a pet photo shoot held at the dog park and are replicas of neighborhood dogs.

The park previously contained an art installation called "Animal Series" by artist Michele Alcantara of Salinas. In 2017, this piece was decommissioned.

Click here to view the "Dogs of Dublin" virtual unveiling.