Parking Concerns

The City of Dublin's Municipal Code Ordinance 6.04.430(B) states that vehicles may be parked on City streets for up to 72 hours, unless there is signage that indicates otherwise. Exceptions to that rule include:

  • Vehicles with expired registration
  • Abandoned vehicles (vehicles that appear to be unable to run, are in disuse, or have been parked in the same spot on City streets for more than 72 hours)
  • Vehicles registered as “non-operative”
  • Commercial vehicles (vehicles that weigh over five tons)
  • Over-sized vehicles
Vehicles with expired registration are subject to citation; vehicles registered as “non-operative” or with registration that expired more than six months ago may be cited and/or towed. Commercial vehicles over five tons may not be parked in residential areas.


Parking tickets may be paid online or can be mailed to the Parking Violation Processing Center. Payments can be mailed to:

City of Dublin
c/o Parking Violation Processing Center
P.O. Box 11923
Santa Ana, CA 92711

Contest a Ticket

You may contest a parking ticket by filling out an Administrative Review Request worksheet and submitting it to Dublin Police Services within 21 days of when the citation was issued.


Any immediate concerns regarding parking in the City of Dublin may be submitted to Dispatch at 925-462-1212.