Block Contacts


Each Neighborhood Watch group is maintained by a Block Contact (previously known as Block Captain). Block Contacts serve as liaisons between the City of Dublin and their Neighborhood Watch members, and disseminate safety information and program notifications to their respective groups. Block Contacts also keep their Neighborhood Watch contact rosters up to date and organize regular meetings or activities to keep their groups' interest in the program.

Contacts & Co-Contacts

Your Neighborhood Watch meeting group will select a Block Contact at the first meeting. The group may also choose to select a Co-Contact to assist or fill-in for the Block Contact as needed. The City maintains a roster of active Neighborhood Watch Block Contacts and Co-Contacts, and the list is used for distributing safety tips, public safety press releases, and promoting public safety workshops, trainings, seminars, and events.

Contact Us

If you are interested in locating the Block Contact for your area, contact the Crime Prevention Unit at 925-833-6686 or complete the online application.

Block Contact Academy

Block Contact Academy