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City of Dublin Youth Advisory Committee - Youth Mini Grant Application


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  • Step One

    1. Youth Advisory Committee - Youth Mini Grant Request for Proposals

    2. General Information:

    3. A. Qualifications:

      1. Youth benefiting from or involved with the project must include at least 75% Dublin residents who are of middle or high school age.

    4. 2. Organization/Club must have an adult sponsor.

    5. 3. Organization/Club must be based within the City of Dublin.

    6. B. Proposal:

      The proposal must be no longer than two and a half pages, double-spaced. The proposal should include the following:

    7. 1. A brief description of your organization.

    8. 2. Describe the project and how it will benefit Dublin youth.

    9. 3. Describe what and how the funds/grant will be used.

    10. 4. Explain what proof will be given to the Youth Advisory Committee that funds were used as proposed.

    11. 5. Should a grant have been awarded in the past to the same organization, a brief review of how the money was spent and how it benefited the group needs to be highlighted in this year's presentation.

    12. C. Submission:

      The application and proposal will be accepted beginning Monday, October 1, 2018, starting at 8:00 AM through Friday, October 26, 2018, ending at 5:00 PM. *Please note: Early applications are encouraged. Applications will be disqualified if not received by the deadline and/or the qualifications or proposal does not meet the criteria.

    13. Three ways to submit an application and proposal:

    14. 1. Email documents to: Henry Siu

    15. 2. Mail: Shannon Community Center, Youth Advisory Committee, Attention: Henry Siu, 11600 Shannon Avenue, Dublin, CA 94568.

    16. 3. Submit the application packet in-person at the Shannon Community Center, Attention: Henry Siu, 11600 Shannon Avenue, Dublin, CA 94568.

    17. D. Presentation (limited to five minutes)

      Selected applicants will be notified on November 16, 2018, to present their proposal at the Youth Advisory Committee meeting on December 5, 2018, at the Dublin Senior Center at 7:00PM. A youth member or members, along with the adult sponsor of the organization or club, must conduct the presentation.