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2023 Nature in Our Backyard Photo Contest

  1. Please use this format when naming your photo: "photo title-your initials.jpeg"   ex: Sunset-TP.jpeg

  2. Photo must be taken between April 2021 and April 2022 

  3. Photo must be taken within the City of Dublin

  4. Please make sure the file you upload is titled correctly and matches what was entered for "title" (Use this format when naming your photo: "photo title-your initials.jpeg"   ex: Sunset-TP.jpeg)

  5. Agreement

    By completing this form, I do hereby grant permission to the City of Dublin full and free use of photographs submitted for the “Nature in Our Backyard” Photography Contest and am/are declaring that I/my child am/is the photographer of the picture/s submitted. The photographer retains full copyright to his or her images. 

    Participation in the contest requires the contestant/legal guardian to give the City of Dublin, CA permission to use the photographs without compensation on the contest website as well as on other City of Dublin webpages for promotional and/or publicity purposes, including, but not limited to: newsletters, web pages, community events, City-owned broadcast, cablecast and print outlets, and general media circulation. I/We further grant permission for the names of the photographer to be made public in conjunction with the use of the images. The City of Dublin will always include the photographer's name when using a photograph for any purpose. 

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