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Open-Ended Complaint Form

  1. Effective this date, I, hereby, allow the Dublin Police Services to enforce any and all laws on my property* pursuant to PC 602(o). I give permission to all officers of the police department to enforce all trespass violations on this property during my absence. My property is closed to the public, and I have posted signs on my property that state this. I am expecting prosecution will be sought on all cases. If the manager and/or I are on the property, we will initiate this enforcement action. I am requesting this action for the protection of our tenants.
  2. I agree to report any change in ownership, in writing, to: Commanding Officer, Dublin Police Services, 6361 Clark Avenue, Dublin, CA 94568. I understand it is the responsibility of the property owner/controller whose signature is affixed below to make such notification.
  3. This request must be renewed every 12 months, and a separate form must be completed for each property location.
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