How do I dispose of leaves during the fall season?

Dublin residents are able to dispose of fall leaves using two methods: 1) Place them in the residential green organics cart provided by the City’s waste hauler, Amador Valley Industries (AVI). If the quantity of leaves is greater than the size of the organics cart, residents may: 2) Contact AVI directly and schedule one of three annual “large item pick-ups” with the company. Leaves must be bagged and set into the curb; the volume of the bagged leaves cannot exceed 7 cubic yards. Routine street sweeping in Dublin removes leaves that have naturally fallen into the gutter or roadway. However, the sweeping vehicle does not have the capacity to pick up leaves that have been swept from residential yards into the gutter or roadway. Please do not attempt to dispose of leaves by sweeping them into the gutter or roadway. If leaves have been swept from residential yards into the gutter or roadway, the street sweeping vehicle will pass the leaves and proceed to the adjacent open gutter.

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