What is a Wireless Communications Facility?

Wireless Communications Facilities (WCF) are facilities that transmit and/or receive electromagnetic signals usually consisting of an antenna array, connection cables, and tower structure or other structure used to achieve the necessary elevation.  There are two types of such WCF, macrocell and small cell.  Macrocells are considered large towers that can contain up to 12 antennae and cover larger areas; whereas, small cells are more discreet and cover only a few hundred feet (please refer to image).

Small cells are a relatively newer phenomena and are typically 3-4 feet tall, mounted on existing infrastructure, such as street lights and utility poles in the City's public right-of-way.  Small cells also include supporting equipment cabinets, such as battery backups, which can also attach to the pole.

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1. What is a Wireless Communications Facility?
2. Who owns street lights and/or utility poles?
3. Can the City of Dublin regulate the location of such small cells?
4. Who do these small cells serve and what companies operate them?
5. What has the City of Dublin done to address this issue?
6. Can the City of Dublin prohibit the installation of small cells due to health concerns?
7. Can the City of Dublin place a limit on the number of small cells located in Dublin?
8. What does the City of Dublin’s Wireless Ordinance do?
9. What have other cities done?