Scarlett Court Design Guidelines

Guidelines for New Development & Improvement Projects
The Scarlett Court area is an approximately 52-acre industrial district in the City of Dublin. The area is located in the central portion of the City and is bounded by Dougherty Road to the west, Dublin Boulevard to the north, the Iron Horse Trail to the east, and Interstate 580 to the south.

Light Industrial District
Over its history, the Scarlett Court area has developed into a light industrial district with a variety of auto-oriented and outdoor storage uses. Previous subdivisions have created a series of long and narrow lots, some of which do not have direct access to public streets. Over time, properties have been developed with a variety of building styles, landscaping treatments, and signs.

Creating a Positive City Image
The City of Dublin has expressed a desire to create a set of guidelines for new development and improvement projects in the Scarlett Court area. The City wants to ensure that development in this highly visible gateway to Dublin creates a positive image for the City.

Set of Recommendations
Design guidelines are a set of recommendations that guide the development of land to achieve a desired level of quality for the physical environment. Design guidelines contain text, sketches, diagrams, and photographs that establish desired outcomes for future development projects. Items addressed in design guidelines typically include:
  • Site Design - Placement of buildings, parking, service areas, storage, driveways, pedestrian paths, etc.
  • Architectural Design - Form, mass, height, facade articulation, materials, colors, mechanical equipment, etc.
  • Signage - Sign types, placement of signs, size of signs, etc.
  • Landscaping - Landscaping requirements, plant and tree types, fencing and screening, etc.
Scarlett Court Design Guidelines
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