Annual City Improvement Projects

Sidewalk Safety Repair Program & ADA Upgrade

This is an annual program that provides for the replacement of damaged curbs, gutters, and sidewalks at various locations. The sidewalk repairs are made by removing and replacing the damaged concrete. This program also includes the installation of curb ramps that are ADA compliant. Construction for this annual program occurs during the spring.  

Slurry Seal/Street Overlay Programs

As streets begin to show signs of wear and stress cracking or structural failures, it is important to seal the cracks or reinforce the street which will prolong the life of the asphalt concrete pavement. These programs would slurry seal or provide a 1-1/12" asphalt overlay on existing street surfaces as a preventative maintenance technique used to lengthen the life of the pavement.  Recent projects include repairs and maintenance on Positano Parkway, between Fallon Road and La Strada Drive, and the repavement of Dublin Boulevard between Scarlett Drive and Hacienda Drive (still in progress). 

These street improvements are funded in part by Alameda County Measures B and BB and California State Senate Bill 1 (SB1)

Dublin Ranch Street Light Pole Painting Project

This project will consist of repainting the decorative street light poles in the Dublin Ranch Street Lighting Assessment District. Street light poles will be painted in phases and will span over multiple years. The annual project was started in 2011 and will continue on an as-needed basis.