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Please note: The following documents are not job openings. To view a listing of current employment opportunities with the City of Dublin, check out our online job listings.

Each job opening listed online for the City of Dublin has a classification specification associated with it. Classification specifications provide information about a job classification in more detail than the typical job announcement. These specifications delineate the basic responsibilities and the minimum skill and knowledge requirements of each of the following classifications:

Exempt Positions Classification Specifications

Exempt employees are defined as employees who, based on duties performed and manner of compensation, shall be exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) minimum wage and overtime provisions. Exempt employees shall be paid an established monthly or annual salary and are expected to fulfill the duties of their positions regardless of hours worked. Exempt employees are not eligible to receive overtime compensation or compensatory time off, and are not required to adhere to strict time, record keeping, and attendance rules for pay purposes.

Exempt Positions
Accountant Heritage and Cultural Arts Manager
Administrative Services Director / Director of Finance Housing Specialist
Assistant to the City Manager Human Resource Director
Assistant City Manager Management Analyst II
Assistant Civil Engineer Network Systems Coordinator
Associate Civil Engineer Information Systems Manager
Assistant Administrative Services Director/Budget Parks and Community Services Director
Assistant Director of Community Development Parks and Facilities Development Coordinator
Assistant Director of Parks and Community Services Parks & Community Services Business Manager
Associate Planner Plan Check Engineer
Budget Analyst Planning Manager
Chief Building Official
Plans Examiner II
City Clerk Principal Planner
City Clerk/Records Manager Public Works Director / Assistant City Engineer
City Engineer Public Works Manager
Community Development Director Public Works Maintenance Superintendent 
Deputy City Clerk Public Works Trans. & Ops. Manager
Economic Development Director
Recreation Manager
Economic Development Director/Public Information Officer
Recreation Supervisor
Environmental Coordinator
Senior Accountant
Executive Aide
Senior Civil Engineer
Financial Analyst Senior Management Analyst
   Senior Planner

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Non-Exempt Positions Classification Specifications

Non-exempt employees are defined as employees who, based on duties performed and manner of compensation, shall be subject to all Fair Labor and Standards Act (FLSA) provisions. Non-exempt employees shall be required to account for time worked on an hourly and fractional-hourly basis and are to be compensated for qualified overtime hours at the premium (time-and-1-half) rate.

Non-Exempt Positions
Administrative Aide Permit Technician
Administrative Technician Plans Examiner I
Assistant Planner Public Works Inspector
Code Enforcement Officer Public Works Technician I and II
Environmental Technician
Recreation Coordinator
Finance Technician I and II
Recreation Technician
Graphic Design & Comm. Coordinator Secretary to the City Manager / Deputy City Clerk
Heritage Center Director Senior Code Enforcement Officer
Information Services Technician I and II Senior Finance Technician
Management Analyst I Senior Office Assistant
Office Assistant I and II Senior Public Works Inspector

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Part-Time Positions Classification Specifications

A part-time position requires less than 35 but more than 20 hours per week. This may apply to regular or temporary appointments.

Part-Time Positions
Administrative Intern Pool Manager
Aquatics Program Specialist Program Specialist
Assistant Pool Manager Preschool Aide
Assistant Swim Lesson Manager Preschool Teacher
Cashier Recreation Driver
Customer Service Assistant I/II Recreation Leader I
Facility Attendant I/II Recreation Leader II
Food Service Worker  Senior Facility Attendant 
Head Lifeguard Senior Recreation Leader
Lead Preschool Teacher Slide Attendant
Lifeguard I Sports Official
Lifeguard II Swim Instructor I
Lifeguard/Swim Instructor I Swim Instructor II
Lifeguard/Swim Instructor II

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