Let Your Next Vehicle be an Electric Vehicle (EV)

Fun Facts About EV's

  • Estimated $800/year in fuel cost savings. 
  • Estimated $700/year cost savings on maintenance. 
  • 100% of new car sales will be zero emission in California by 2035. 
  • Up to 8-year/100k-mile battery warranty. 
  • New EV's start under $35k (before incentives). 
  • There are over 30,000 chargers in the Bay Area and more being installed every day. 
  • If you rent, you can work with your landlord to install a charger, per California Civil Code 1947.6.
  • Over 50 new EV models expected to be available by 2030. 
  • Old batteries can be used for energy storage or recycled. 
  • 211 miles - average EV range. 
  • See available EV's here.

EV Driving Benefits

  • Quiet ride
  • Fun to drive
  • Smooth operation
  • Better handling
  • Increased reliability

EV Environmental Benefits

  • No tailpipe emissions. 
  • Greenhouse gas emission reduction. 
  • Improved community health and air quality. 

Sample Annual Vehicle Ownership Costs*

Sample Annual Vehicle Ownership Costs*

*Average savings calculated using the Alternative Fuels Data Center Vehicle Cost Calculator.

All the Ways to Charge

Level 1 Charger

Uses a standard 110-V household outlet. Very lost cost and ideal for overnight residential charging. Recharges 3.5-3.6 miles of range per hour. 

Level 2 Charger

Ideal for overnight residential, workplace, and commercial charging. Low to mid cost and recharges at 14-35 miles of range per hour. All EV's can use Level 2 chargers. 

Level 3 DC Fast Charger

Ideal for short stops along major travel corridors. High cost but can recharge up to 80% in under 30 minutes. Different EV brands are compatible with different chargers.
To find the location of your nearest EV charging station, visit: www.plugshare.com

Annual GHG Emissions: EV vs. Gasoline*

Since California uses a lot of clean energy, the emissions from driving an EV are significantly less than a gasoline vehicle. In Dublin, most electricity accounts are Renewable 100 energy, which is 100% GHG emissions free!

*Emissions for California are calculated using the Alternative Fuels Data center Emissions Calculator. Dublin sources 100% GHG free electricity.

Annual GHG Emissions EV vs Gas

Time-of-use Rates 

Save money by charging your EV during off-peak times in the middle of the day when there is extra solar power, or overnight when demand is low. Avoid charging during peak electricity demand periods between 4:00pm to 9:00pm. With smart meters you can charge your EV when there is extra renewable energy available. In the future, vehicle-to-grid or vehicle-to-home technology can allow the EV to power the grid and pay YOU for it, or you can power your home during a power outage. 

Cost of Electricity

Electric Vehicle Funding

Click here to find out how you can save even more with Federal, State, Local, and Utility incentives for EV's and chargers.