Electric Vehicle Charging Station Infrastructure Plan

The City of Dublin is Developing an Electric Vehicle Charging Station Infrastructure Plan 

As part of Dublin's Climate Action Plan 2030 and Beyond, the City is developing an electric vehicle (EV) charging station infrastructure plan to support EV adoption. The goal is to determine how Dublin will help facilitate the transition to EVs by ensuring adequate and appropriate EV charging stations are installed in Dublin to meet State and local EV ownership goals. The EV Charging Station Plan will:

    Identify areas throughout Dublin best suited for EV chargers and conduct preliminary engineering assessments of suitable sites. 

    Recommend the preferred ownership model for public EV chargers. 

    Identify where grid updates may be needed to support the EV chargers. 

    Estimate upfront and ongoing costs of EV infrastructure. 

    Compile a list of funding and financing opportunities to reduce upfront and ongoing costs of EV chargers.

    Increase awareness of EV’s using social media. 

    Ensure that EV infrastructure is deployed equitably throughout the City.

Thank you to those who took our survey to provide feedback and help Dublin prioritize potential sites for EV chargers. The survey is now closed.  

Fun facts about electric vehicles

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