Dublin Marketplace FAQ

Merchant Start-up FAQs

What is ReachPlaces?

ReachPlaces is the app that powers the Dublin Marketplace. The app is available in the App Store and makes it very easy for customers to learn about and support local merchants – and to earn while they do it! ReachPlaces is owned and operated by Reach Enterprises, a company based here in the Bay Area.

Can any Dublin business participate?

  • The Dublin Marketplace is open to any business that:
  • Has a brick-and-mortar business located in Dublin AND
  • Is consumer-facing - at this time we cannot accommodate businesses that only sell to other businesses - AND
  • Accepts credit/debit card payments AND
  • Is in good standing with the City of Dublin

What will it cost me to participate?

At this time there is no charge for merchants to participate. There is no investment in technology required, no extra staffing, and no merchant fee. In the early stages the program will be funded by the City of Dublin. In the future merchants will have the opportunity to customize and fund their own activities for customers, e.g., promotions, surveys, etc.

What do I need to do to participate?

We have a simple agreement for you to sign. Then all you have to do is give us some general information about your business. We take it from there! Then, we just ask that you display small Dublin Marketplace signs in your store to let your customers know you’re a participating merchant and to encourage your customers to download the ReachPlaces app.

Does this program require any integrations or will my staff require training?

No system integrations are required. To earn Dublin CityDollars, customers can check in at your store using the ReachPlaces app. When they want to use CityDollars, the transaction works just like any other MasterCard credit or debit card transaction.

As for staff training, just let them know about the Dublin Marketplace and encourage them to tell customers about it

What are Dublin CityDollars?

Dublin CityDollars are what customers earn for doing various activities that support local businesses. Once earned, Dublin CityDollars can be used to make purchases from any merchant who participates in the Dublin Marketplace. Customers are issued a digital Reach Reward Card, which they will use in your store to make purchases with their CityDollars.

Can customers use their Dublin CityDollars for online purchases?

At this time CityDollars can only be used for purchases at physical store locations.

How will customers find out about the program?

The City of Dublin will be publicizing the program in local media. AND we are asking participating merchants to let their customers know that they can support local businesses by using the ReachPlaces app in Dublin.

When will the program launch?

The Dublin Marketplace will grow over time, but customers can start using the ReachPlaces app in December, just in time for holiday shopping. Store signs will be available in January.

What other merchants are participating?

We are in the early stages of signing up merchants. But with the strong support of the City of Dublin, we expect the majority of Dublin merchants to participate in the Dublin Marketplace.

What if I want to stop participating in the Dublin Marketplace?

We hope that our Dublin merchants will quickly see the value of the Dublin Marketplace and want to participate even more - but you are under no obligation and may withdraw from the Dublin Marketplace with 30 days notice.

What is the fee to have ReachPlaces assist in promotions ideation/creation?

At this time there is no cost to have ReachPlaces create your promotion for you. 

What is the max CityDollar amount a user can reach?

We are not imposing a cap on earnings, but if we see patterns of fraud within an account we can limit or close the customer’s account.

How are returns handled?

The process is identical to that merchants use to process returns using a regular credit card, or cards. It is fully automated and requires no additional training. In fact, merchants should think of the Dublin Card as just another credit card when it comes to transaction management.

When a Dublin Marketplace user returns an item paid for using their Dublin Card and another credit or debit card (a split transaction), the merchant processes the credit on the Dublin Card exactly the same way they do with a regular credit card. Virtually all automated credit card processing systems have a function that enables merchants to issue a credit instead of a debit for returns, with the amount originally paid by the customer credited to their card account. In the case of a split transaction using a Dublin Card, the merchant credits each card for the amount charged on them using their current system. The Dublin Card credit is processed by Reach’s credit card processor, Lithic, which triggers a credit back into the user’s Wallet. Lithic then also debits the merchant account to balance the transaction.

Who do I contact if I have any problems or questions?

You can visit contact City Staff at economic.development@dublin.ca.gov or visit the ReachPlaces website at https://joinreach.com/dublinmerchants, or email them at merchantsupport@reachplaces.net.