Temporary Public Art - 40th Anniversary Theme Lawn Display

Current Status

This project is currently in the selection and approval phase.  All City of Dublin Public Art projects are subject to review by the City's Heritage and Cultural Arts Commission, and approval by the Dublin City Council.  Is it expected that final approval will happen in March/April and projects will be unveiled in Summer 2022.  Continue to check back here for up-to-date information as this project moves forward.  


In 2022, the City of Dublin will be celebrating its 40th anniversary of incorporation. To help commemorate this milestone, the City is seeking a rotating temporary art lawn display for exhibition throughout the year.  

This project is specifically seeking an artist(s) to complete lawn display(s) that could be shown in highly visible areas around the City, including the front lawn at Dublin Civic Center. Other locations throughout the City will be considered based on the proposals received. Artists are encouraged to be as creative as possible when approaching this project. The proposed lawn display should be inviting and encourage patron engagement. Site-specific proposals, as well as general proposals that the City may display at its sole discretion, are acceptable. 

The City has budgeted $20,000, with a maximum stipend of $5,000 per display, for this project. Exceptions may be considered depending on Heritage and Cultural Arts Commission recommendation and City Council approval.  The City may choose to select a single artist to complete multiple displays, select multiple artists each creating a single display, or any combination thereof.  The City may also choose to set timeframes for the artwork to be displayed and rotate the art of multiple artists and between locations. This decision will be based on the variety and scale of responses received. 

For more information on this project, please contact tyler.phillips@dublin.ca.gov or call 925-556-4500.