Photo Contest

Share your Dublin-based nature photos!

Show your love of our beautiful community by participating in Dublin's new "Nature in Our Backyard" photography contest. Submit your creek, wildlife, and natural park photographs taken in Dublin. Location of photograph must be included in your application.  Photography can include any wildlife or nature setting, but photographs including humans will be rejected. 


The Grand Prize winner will receive a $200 gift certificate, the 1st Place winner will receive a $100 gift certificate, the 2nd Place winner will receive a $50 certificate, and the 3rd Place winner will receive a $25 gift certificate. In addition, all of the top four winners will receive certificates of recognition from the City at a City Council meeting, be featured on the City of Dublin webpage, receive a metal print of their picture from Mike's Camera in Dublin, and be displayed in the lobby of City Hall when it reopens for regular operations.

Deadline to Submit: Monday, October 26, 2020

Deadline to submit pictures is no later than midnight on Monday, October 26, 2020. Photos must have been taken within the last 18 months (no earlier than May 1, 2019). 


  1. Photographer does not need to be a Dublin resident, but the photos presented must be of a Dublin, CA location. 
  2. Please share the location of where the photo was taken.
  3. Photographs should represent the scene in which is photographed: no removing objects or inserting objects using software. It is acceptable to change the exposure or use software to highlight various parts of a photograph. 
  4. Limit of 5 photography entries per individual.
  5. You must sign a photo release form.

How to Submit

  • Submit your photo entry and signed photo release form to   
  • Each Entry must be accompanied by an entry form that includes a unique photo name, and the photo file name should be the same.
  • Each photo must be saved as a jpg file.
  • File name/Photo ID format to use:

Title-Photographerinitials.jpg, where:
Title =descriptive title of photograph (for example, eagle in oak tree - keep it simple)
Photographer = your initials FL (first last).
Example – John Smith submits photo of an eagle in oak tree – Photo id is: Eagle on Tree-JS.jpg


Initial judging will be done by a small group of judges who will pick the top ten finalist photographs by November 3. The finalist photographs will be shared on a City webpage, and the community will have the chance to vote online for their favorite pictures from November 4–November 17. The top four winning photographs will be placed on the City of Dublin website to share and encourage residents to get outside in nature - right in your own backyard.  

*The City of Dublin will have the right to display any of the submitted photographs on the City website and other City media to help promote the City of Dublin in perpetuity.  Photographer’s name will be included with the pictures.