Video Information

Viewing the Video

The golden eagle video camera offers a unique opportunity for the public to view the golden eagle in its habitat on the City's website. This also provides an opportunity to preserve the eagle's sensitive habitat area. Few cities in the United States have nesting golden eagles in close proximity to residential areas that continue to produce offspring annually. Additionally, Dublin is the first city in California to initiate such a program for this species.

Nesting season is January through June. If you are viewing this outside of nesting season, Bella's nest may be empty!  Viewing is best done during daytime hours.  

NOTE: The City of Dublin is working to get a secure site in which to display the camera.  When it is installed, the video may take a minute to load. Internet Explorer users may also need to download and install an Active X component in order to view the video feed. Select "accept" to download and install it.

For More Information

If you would like to learn more about the golden eagle, please contact the Planning Division at 925-833-6610.