2019 Annual Street maintenance Project

2019 Annual Slurry Seal Project

The City of Dublin has contracted with American Asphalt Repair and Resurfacing Co., Inc., for pavement maintenance work to be performed in areas west of Village Parkway, beginning in June 2019, with anticipated completion of the majority of the improvements by the beginning of September 2019.  The pavement work will include the sealing of existing cracks, pavement repairs, new slurry seal, and pavement markings.  American Asphalt Repair and Resurfacing Co., Inc., will be providing additional notification(s) when street closures are to take place.

How will this work affect you as a resident or business?

Parking: While the work is in progress, the City’s contractor may need to prohibit parking on the street. The contractor will post “No Parking” signs a minimum of 72 hours (3 days) in advance of the scheduled work on your street.  Please be aware that, due to the possibility of unforeseen circumstances, such as equipment breakdowns, the posted dates and times could change. You may continue to park on the street until the date and time shown on the signs.  We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to the temporary ‘No Parking’ restrictions.  If you are planning to be out of town during the time that the work is to take place, please arrange to park your vehicle(s) off of the street to avoid having your vehicle(s) towed. Emergency vehicles will have access to the streets at all times.

Driving on the Street:  During several of the construction activities for this project, street access maybe intermittently restricted.  Streets will be opened to traffic and access to driveways will be available at the end of each day.

Street Closure:  During the slurry seal process, your street will be closed to vehicular traffic for a period of 4-6 hours to allow the material to be installed and dry.

If you have a special need or any further questions:  Please contact the City of Dublin Public Works Department at (925) 833-6630. You may also contact the contractor, American Asphalt Repair and Resurfacing Co. Inc., at (925) 723-0280.

View a map of the affected areas.