​Creating a Downtown - The Preferred Vision

After years of hearing from the community about the need to create a Downtown, the City Council initiated a process in early 2019 to establish a vision and location for a new town square and main street experience located in the City's original central business district - commonly referred to in its planning documents as the Downtown Retail District of the Downtown Dublin Specific Plan.

For the last several months, the City has been investing its resources and the City Council has been meeting in public work sessions with City staff and its consultant team to review the options for the town square, its location, as well as provide its input on the massing, density and land uses to create a vibrant Downtown main street experience. The City held an initial community meeting to discuss the square options and has solicited feedback on the location and dimensions of the square through in person surveys at the Farmers' Market and online at the City's website. More than 245 people participated overall with an overwhelming majority favoring "Concept A," the town square along an extended, future main street (Golden Gate Drive).

Illustration of town square with photos of features: 1. Seating for groups 2. Water Fountain 3. Lawn

At a recent meeting, the City Council reviewed a proposed Preferred Vision, which included a new and extensive street grid network, including a main street experience, a new town square, and a mixture of supportive land uses such as retail, office, hotel and housing.  The Preferred Vision sits on the location currently home to the Dublin Place shopping center, which includes anchor retailers Target, Hobby Lobby and Burlington Coat Factory.  

The Preferred Vision’s intent is to chart a path forward for the next 30 or so years for this area with the goal of achieving the town square and redevelopment of the town square location in the next five years.

​Downtown Community Engagement

While the City Council has yet to adopt the Preferred Vision, they have asked for community input at this time.  This is an opportunity to share with the public the challenges, opportunities and constraints that the City has working in a built environment.

Download an informational brochure about the Preferred Vision.

Community Survey

The community survey gathered feedback on the three proposed design concepts for the location of the Town Square. The survey closed on July 31, 2019. The City received an overwhelming response of more than 245 participants, and would like to thank everyone who took part in the survey. 61% of respondents were in favor of Concept A, (town square); the remaining two concepts received equal votes at 15% and 14% respectively. The community input received was shared with the City’s design team, who incorporated the feedback as they refined the concept of the Downtown Preferred Vision and how development could occur around the town square in the years to come.

Community Meetings

Community Workshop #1
A community meeting was held on June 13, 2019. At the meeting, the City's consultant, Urban Field Studio, made a presentation on the three proposed design concepts of the town square location and then solicited feedback from community members during an open house session.  Download the meeting presentation

Community Workshop #2

A second Community Meeting was held on September 16, 2019. At the meeting, the City's consultant, Urban Field Studio, made a presentation on the preferred vision of the Downtown "Main Street" experience and how supporting development might occur around the town square in the years to come. Then, community members shared feedback during an open house session.  Download the meeting presentation

For more information about the Downtown Preferred Vision, please call the Economic Development Division at 925-833-6650.