Greening Your Fleet

Help the City meet our greenhouse gas emission reduction goals and save money through greening the vehicle fleet at your business! 

Purchase Clean Vehicles

Electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids, and hybrid electric cars are all good options for helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Use this Clean Vehicle Buying Guide to help. You also may qualify for the following incentive programs to help fund your company's "clean" fleet: 

  • Carl Moyer Program
    The Bay Area Air Quality Management District is now accepting applications for the Carl Moyer Program (CMP). This program encompasses $40 million in grant funding for projects that upgrade or replace on-road vehicles; school buses; off-road and agricultural equipment; marine equipment; and locomotives.

Other ways you can green your fleet:

  • Install EV charging stations at your workplace.
  • Conduct preventative maintenance: Proper maintenance schedules are key to ensuring fuel efficiency and preventing excess greenhouse gas emissions. 
  • Educate your company’s drivers about: 
    • Reducing idling: 30 seconds of idling uses more fuel than restarting the engine.
    • Reducing aggressive driving habits: Accelerating gradually, avoiding jackrabbit starts, and driving the speed limit are all small actions that can help save gas and money.

Electric Vehicle Charging station handle charging  a vehicle outside the City library