The City of Dublin partners with the SunShares renewable energy program to provide easier access to clean energy!

If you’ve ever thought about installing solar or buying an electric vehicle but don’t know where to start, SunShares can help. The SunShares program is making it easier and more affordable for Bay Area residents to go solar or purchase an electric vehicle.  SunShares offers discounts, free workshops, and helps renters learn more about their clean energy options. Plus, residents can still take advantage of the 30% Federal Tax Credit.

To sign up for more information, please visit:

How SunShares Works

Register by November 30 to receive:

15% Discount Off Solar: SunShares pools the group buying power of cities and businesses to get discounted pricing from solar companies and EV dealerships.

Pre-vetted Solar Providers: PetersenDean, SkyTech Solar and Solar Technologies were selected to offer high quality, discounted solar installation.

EV Discount Code: To see the deals and to receive your discount code, visit by November 30.

Third Party Technical Advice and Education: Workshops and webinars are held to help residents understand the basics of solar, electric vehicles, financing options, options as a renter and answer questions. See the webinars and resources available by visiting

The City of Dublin is engaging our residents in this limited time community offer to further reduce green house gas emissions from energy use and transportation and demonstrate our commitment to sustainability.

SunShares is a project of the Business Council on Climate Change (BC3), a non-profit working with Bay Area organizations to take collective action on sustainability issues.

Note: While SunShares is offered to residents and employees living or working within the City of Dublin, the City does not endorse the selected solar contractor(s) or electric vehicle manufacturer(s). Any resident who enters into the SunShares program does so in his/her personal capacity and his/her own risk and expressly holds the SunShares partners including the City of Dublin harmless from any liability associated with his/her decision to participate in this program for services for his/her personal project.