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There are a number of programs for businesses to reduce their environmental impact and their bottom line. Many Dublin businesses have shown leadership in environmental action. 

Electricity Accounts Transitioning to East Bay Community Energy Renewable 100 Electricity in October 2022

To help achieve its Climate Action Plan goals, the City of Dublin receives its electricity from East Bay Community Energy (EBCE), a local energy provider supplying greener electricity to all cities in Alameda County plus the City of Tracy. EBCE has been the default supplier of electric generation service for all residential, commercial, and municipal accounts in Dublin since 2018. Beginning in October 2022, Dublin non-residential energy accounts will be automatically enrolled in Renewable 100 electricity.  All municipal accounts have been on Renewable 100 since July 2019 and residential customers transitioned in January 2022. 

For more information on the transition to Renewable 100, visit the City’s business energy webpage. To view a recording of a webinar hosted by EBCE, visit

Public Information Sessions on Potential All-Electric New Construction and Electric Vehicle Charger Reach Codes

The City of Dublin is hosting two Zoom meetings to provide information on potential Reach Codes that will be presented to City Council in November as part of the 2022 Building Code update. City Council will consider an all-electric new construction reach code and mandatory adoption of CALGreen Tier 2 for electric vehicle charging station infrastructure. The webinars will occur on the following day and times: 

Staff will provide information on the proposed reach codes and solicit feedback on implementation assistance the City may offer on the proposed codes. 

Become a Green Shamrock Business: 

The City of Dublin launched the Green Shamrock Business Program in order to highlight the environmental success of local Dublin businesses. Becoming a Green Shamrock Business can save you money and help to improve the greenhouse gas emissions for the City as a whole!

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