Thank You, Water

The sculpture Thank You, Water: An Offering of Gratitude to the Spirit of Alamilla Spring was created especially for the City of Dublin by artist Todji Kurtzman, to transform the plaza and create a sense of place at the entrance to The Wave.  

The multi-part bronze sculpture depicts the Spirit of Alamilla Spring casting a stone across time. Each bronze splash represents a different era in Dublin's history. They are embossed with cymatic sound wave patterns created by vibrating voices in water taken from Alamilla Spring, a natural source of fresh water that drew travelers and encouraged the first settlers to make homes here.

The artwork's  title comes from the third splash, bearing the pattern of the words, "Thank you, water," spoken by a young girl who is seventh-generation descended from Jose Maria Amador, the rancher who was originally granted the land the would become Dublin.

Other local speakers whose voices created the patterns include a native Ohlone tribe member speaking in their native language of Chechenyo; people whose ancestors were connected to Spanish Missionaries and Irish-American settlers; and more recent Dubliners representing 1960s suburbia and modern multicultural Dublin.