Exchange Zone

In order to provide residents with a safe location for private party transactions, including online purchases, and for child custody transfers, Dublin Police Services has created an "Exchange Zone" in the parking lot at the Public Safety Complex at 6361 Clark Avenue.  The Exchange Zone is a well-lit area, under 24-hour video surveillance.  Although not monitored in real-time, and police officers are not present during transactions, this designated area will potentially deter individuals wanting to engage in criminal activity.  

Using the Exchange Zone is meant to provide a safe alternative to meeting a stranger in their home or at an unfamiliar location. In the case of child custody transfers, the new Exchange Zone is not a drop off where parents can leave children for a later pick-up time.  All exchanges must be person-to-person.  

No appointments are necessary when using the Exchange Zone.
Exchange Zone Safety Tips:
  • Only conduct transactions with local buyers/sellers.
  • Do not go to a transaction alone.
  • Make sure a friend or family member is aware of the details.
  • Complete the transaction during daylight hours.
  • Be extra cautious in buying/selling valuable items.
  • Only use cash or money orders.
  • Trust your instincts; if it sounds like a scam it probably is a scam.
  • If someone is not willing to come to the Dublin Police Department to complete a sale, it is probably not a legitimate transaction.
For more information, please contact the Dublin Police Services Crime Prevention Unit at 925-833-6677 or 925-833-6686.