OpenGov Transparency

In an effort to enhance transparency in financial reporting, the City of Dublin is offering an interactive reporting tool that allows citizens to explore City budget data online in various graphical formats selected by the user. This online application was pioneered by OpenGov, a local software engineering company specializing in data accessibility products that help strengthen the connection between local government and community members.

The City of Dublin is providing five years of budget data for public review via the OpenGov software. Each year during the budget cycle, a new year of data will be added and the oldest year removed, giving the public a rolling five-year snapshot of revenue and expenditure trends.

Click on the link to access the OpenGov application. Instructions on how to navigate the data are included via the "How To" tab at the top of the web page. If you have questions related to using the site, please contact the Administrative Services Department at 925-833-6640 or via email.