"Green Shamrock" Business Recognition Program

What is the Green Shamrock Program?
The City of Dublin has launched a new sustainable business program to highlight
the environmental successes of local Dublin businesses. The Green Shamrock Program will:
  • Offer local businesses the ability to show customers their commitment to being a sustainable business
  • Create opportunities to help make our business community more aware of educational and rebate opportunities that will save them money on their sustainability efforts
  • Provide a network for businesses to share experiences and better understand the importance of sustainability from their peers
  • Help to improve the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) for the City as a whole
Why Should you Consider Becoming a Green Shamrock Business?
  • Save money and improve your bottom line
  • Conserve natural resources and reduce waste in your business
  • Attract environmentally-conscious consumers to your business
  • Receive recognition for your efforts to be an ecologically-sustainable business
  • Be a leader in environmental sustainability and teach others by your actions
Benefits of Becoming a Green Shamrock Business
  • Partner with other Green Shamrock businesses in adopting sustainable practices
  • Receive free marketing through the City of Dublin Green Shamrock Program:
    • Bronze level - Featured in the City’s online directory promoting Dublin Area Sustainable Businesses; Chamber of Commerce recognition;ability to show your Green Shamrock pride with a Bronze window cling
    • Silver level - Featured promotion on the Dublin Green Shamrock Business webpage on the City website; recognition certificate at a City Council meeting;all Bronze level promotions and a Silver window cling
    • Green level - Featured article in a City of Dublin Business Newsletter and Dublin Green Shamrock Program webpage; plus all Silver level promotions and a Green window cling.
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