Commercial Services

In the City of Dublin, there are many waste management resources for organizations. Please view the menu items to the left and view the information below for all commercial waste management needs.



Amador Valley Industries (AVI) currently offers weekly solid waste collection services for all businesses in the City of Dublin. AVI ensures strict adherence to all environmental requirements and City ordinances. Please direct questions regarding rates, collection schedules and related issues to Amador Valley Industries.


The City of Dublin is concerned about protecting the environment and acknowledges that recycling is important in creating a more sustainable environment for current and future commercial activity.  As a result, all businesses are provided with recycling containers.  Currently, businesses may recycle glass, tin, most plastics, newspaper, mixed paper, aluminum cans, small household batteries (only in clear, heavy-duty reclosable plastic bags) and green waste.  Recyclable materials are also picked up weekly by AVI.  All businesses with four yards of waste service per week or more are required to recycle per California AB341.  Contact AVI at 925-479-9545 to assist you with your recycling needs.
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Want to know more about what can be recycled?

See the recycling guide for more details.

Organics Collection/Composting

Did you know that businesses in Dublin can compost food waste and other items like soiled paper and cardboard at a discounted rate? In addition to yard trimmings, wood waste, and food waste, other things such as paper towels, pizza boxes, paper-based takeout containers, ice cream cartons, tea bags, and milk cartons can also be collected by AVI for composting. By recycling organics, you can reduce landfill waste and improve the environment. This service is also offered at a discounted rate of the traditional garbage service so your business can save money while doing more for the environment.

Contact Amador Valley Industries at 925-479-9545 for more information about the Commercial Organics Program.
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Roll-off/Drop Box Services

Debris boxes are available for construction sites and range from six to 40 cubic yards. This service is provided Monday through Friday.  Please contact AVI for more information.

Cost-Saving Services

Recycling is free so you can save by reducing waste. Below, you will find a few of the free local services that can help your organization do just that. Find out what you can do to reduce your waste. AVI is available for free commercial waste audits.  For more information, please contact Amador Valley Industries at 925-479-9545.

The Association of Bay Area Governments offers small to medium-sized consumer-oriented businesses (restaurants, landscapers, auto repair, hotels, etc.) free advice and technical assistance on becoming “green.”  This can save you money while protecting the environment at the same time.  Find out if they can help your business.

California Materials Exchange (CalMAX) a free, online materials exchange service designed to help businesses, organizations, local governments, industry, schools, and individuals find markets for non-hazardous materials that may otherwise be discarded.

Did you know that Alameda County offers a variety of free waste prevention services to business and public agencies in the county?   Visit the StopWaste website to find out more.

Other Services

Below, you will find links to some helpful services to reduce waste and improve the environment. For more information on commercial services, please contact Amador Valley Industries at 925-479-9545.