Resident Alerts

Informing the Public

In a workshop regarding the Wood-Burning Device Regulation, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) stated that "wood smoke reduction is as much about outreach as it is a regulatory program." For this reason - in addition to radio and TV announcements - BAAQMD makes email and/or phone notices available for residents who wish to receive an automatic alert when Spare the Air Alerts are issued.

Alert Options

On the BAAQMD website, residents can sign up for the automatic alerts, view a five-day forecast of the projected air-quality outlook, and find instructions on how to receive a rebate for the purchase of a gas stove or gas insert.  Also available is a "check before you burn" widget, which is an icon that one places on a webpage that offers real-time information on Spare the Air alerts. A similar icon for computer screens is forthcoming from BAAQMD.

Dublin's Alert System

In order to offer additional Spare the Air alerts to residents, the City of Dublin posts alerts through its Twitter account (@DublinPIO).