Grants Program

The City of Dublin Human Services Grants Program provides financial support to local not-for-profit organizations serving Dublin residents through designated funding sources:

  • General Fund
  • Federal Community Development Block Grant program
  • Housing In-Lieu Fund
The Grants Program includes a competitive application process, mandatory participation in meetings and presentations, and strict financial reporting requirements.

Funding is recommended annually by the Human Services Commission and awarded by the Dublin City Council to organizations that best meet the community’s needs in keeping with the Grant Program guidelines.

The 2018-19 Application Requirements and Process closed on January 7, 2018.

The Human Services Commission Reviewed all of the applications and made their recommendation at their March 22, 2018 meeting.

The City Council received the Commission's recommendation and approved the 2018-19 Program funding at their April 17, 2018 meeting.

Current Year Grantees
Fiscal Year 2018-19 Grant Recipients

Previous Year Grantees:
Fiscal Year 2017-18 Grant Recipients
Fiscal Year 2016-17 Grant Recipients